Currently accepting spring & summer items.

Remember, the best time to bring seasonal wear is at the BEGINING of the season.


We accept children's clothing and shoes in sizes newborn to teen; including junior and misses, and maternity too. We accept a range of brands and styles, as long as the clothing is stylish and in good condition.

Clothing guidelines:

  • Freshly Laundered

  • Free of stains, holes, Pet hair or excessive wear

  • Folded and wrinkle free in a paper or reusable bag

  • Please save us time by pre-screening your clothing and other items for stains or excessive wear.

  • Please bring in items according to the season we are currently accepting.

Toys, books, and DVD’s

We are looking for good-quality toys! We accept many types of toys and books but for the safety of our customer we have a few guidelines we strictly follow. Our customers especially love Waldorf and Montessori style toys. 
Used toys that are accepted for consignment will be checked for recall on the Consumer Product Safety Commission web site:

Toy guidelines:

  • Must be in good condition, clean and in good working order

  • Toys/games/puzzles with multiple parts should not be missing any important pieces

  • Battery-operated toys should have working batteries installed

  • If you have the original packaging, please bring it in

  • We accept popular title children's books and videos/DVDs. Books must be in decent condition with no torn or missing pages.

  • Toys that are accepted will be checked for recall on the Consumer Product Safety Commission web site:

    Please help us out and check large toys before bringing them in.

  • Due to lead laws we do not accept any plastic toys dated before 2010 ( most plastic toy will have a date stamped into them).


We accept gear as space allows. Please call before bringing in the following items: Strollers, backpack carriers, high chairs, bouncy seats, etc. These items should be given a good cleaning before they are brought in. Please check the wheels of the strollers for dried mud etc. and make sure fabric is free of noticeable stains. Due to safety and liability concerns, we cannot accept second-hand car seats, helmets and cribs.

Gear guidelines:

  • Whenever possible, please include the owner's manual and assembly instructions.

  • Baby gear is often recalled for minor problems.

    Please do a quick recall search before bringing items in to save yourself trouble transporting them in the event there has been a recall. You can do a search on the Consumer Product Safety Commission web site: