Our Mission

At GREENCYCLE Kids we want to save the plant, help teach children the importance of recycling. And help save you some green too! We offer gently used children's clothing, toys and so much more. We keep our prices low and quality high.

Our Customers

We love our customers and it shows. GREENCYCLE Kids appreciates each and everyone of you! You are the reason we are here. THANK YOU!


What We Do To Help

There are so many ways we can all help to reduce waste and keep this place looking good for many future generations. By shopping and trading with GREENCYCLE Kids you are helping! You will notice some differences in our store that you wont find anywhere else.

  1. Shopping bags: We encourage you to bring in your own bags. The Bags we do give out are recycled grocery bags and gift bags. We also have some used reusable shopping bags for sale.
  2. Inventory: Our inventory is mostly gently used items however we love to support local businesses so you will see fun new products from time to time. We shop local so that we can pick up or have our merchandise dropped off and not have to use all that wasteful packing material.
  3. Recycling: We recycle everything! We try to limit our trash to one bag a month. Yes that's right ONE BAG! It's a rewarding daily task and kids love to participate in the challenge as well. We encourage you to try it at home!
  4. Plastic: Uggh we're not huge fans of it here so you won't see much of it in our store. It's bad for the air, the planet and us! However, every so often there are some great products that are made from recycled plastics and we do love that.
  5. Packaging: When shopping our store you will notice that we display in baskets! We try to reduce our packaging waste by not using plastic bags, plastic clothing fasteners and glossy paper and stickers that cannot be recycled. We sell all our baskets at low prices so you can continue the good habit at home.