Consignment/Trade Agreement

You may schedule an appointment at the bottom of this page. 

Greencycle Kids offers up to 50% of resale value in store credit.

You may bring in up to 25 items (clothing/books/toys/etc.) for consideration.

An appointment is recommended but, only required for larger equipment items. .

Drop offs will only be accepted from approved consignors/traders.

Customers may request to be added to the approved consignor/trader list. Once approved you will sign a blanket agreement for all future drop offs.

**Note that items we pass on will be donated to a non-profit of our choice.

Greencycle Kids sets the prices based on past sales and current demand from our customers. We strive to assign fair prices for our customers. Consideration of retail price, condition and current demand.

At Greencycle Kids we determine what will be accepted and we reserve the right to refuse any item. This is not personal; rather, based on current inventory, demand and overall appearance.

We accept children's clothing in sizes newborn to teen. We also accept maternity.

We accept a range of brands and styles, as long as the clothing is stylish and in good condition.

Clothing Guidelines:

  • Must be from a smoke free home

  • Freshly Laundered

  • Free of Stains, Holes, Pet Hair, Pilling or Excessive Wear

  • Lying Flat in a box or bin, or folded NEATLY and wrinkle free in a paper or reusable bag.

    DO NOT bring your items in a trash bag.

  • Please bring in items according to the season we are currently accepting.

Shoe Guidelines:                               Books/Toys Guidelines:

  •  Clean                                                  Clean

  • Free of odor                                       Free of markings, rips, tears

  • Gently warn                                       Toys should be in working order with all of the pieces and batteries as required.

  • With laces (as applicable)                                                            

Please pre-sort your items based on the guidelines above. Your items will look better to us and our customer if they are clean and presented well. Please button buttons, hook hooks, snap snaps and zip zippers.

Store credit may be used towards 100% of your purchase of Greencycle Kids clothing, shoes, books, and toys. Your store credit may also be applied toward 30% of Greencycle Kids furniture and furnishings, you will pay 70% of the purchase price plus applicable tax. As a courtesy to our consignors we do allow up to 10% store credit to be used towards NEW and vendor provided products, you will pay 90% plus the applicable tax (these items will be marked as Greencycle Market.)

Store credit may not be used to pay for sales tax and gift certificates.

Store credit is good until applied towards a purchase.

Accounts which remain inactive for over 12 months will be closed. Once an account is closed we are unable to reactivate the account.

You have the following options when bringing items for Trade and/or Consignment:

Store Credit Options

Consignment - This is our most popular option?

50% of the actual resale value will be applied to your Store Credit account upon sale of the item. (Accounts updated daily.)


Trade - 30% of the estimated resale value will be applied to your Store Credit account upon acceptance and pricing of items for the current season. (Allow up to 5 business days for your account to be reflected.)


Cash Options

Consignment - 35% of the actual resale value will be paid by PayPal upon sale. (Paid twice a month for accounts with a balance of $10.00 or more.)


Buying - 10% of the estimated resale value will be paid by PayPal for the items at the time of acceptance. (Management approval required; allow 5 business days for review of items.)

Once your account has been credited Greencycle Kids owns all items traded.

Credit for off season items will be released as soon as they are on the sales floor.

                March 1 for spring/summer        August 1 for fall/winter

Greencycle Kids reserves the right to alter this policy at any time. It is the consignor’s responsibility to check the current agreement on our website for any updates (

This Trade/Consignment Agreement is the full written and complete agreement between Greencycle Kids and the Consignor. Any amendments, additions, or modifications to this Agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties in a fashion indicating that both parties know they are making a change to these terms (i.e. do not infer anything from an email signature). This agreement shall be governed by the law of the State of California, no matter where the Consignor resides.